How to make the most of an Eiffel Tower night tour?

Eiffel tower is a great historical symbol in the city of Paris and France at large. Gustave Eiffel built it in 1889 to commemorate the French revolution thus named after him.

The tower has great architectural design and is among the greatest landmarks in the whole world. It has a tapering end pointing to the sky. It used to be the world tallest structure before The Shard in London was built. To visit Eiffel Tower, you need to do so at night. It’s at night that you’ll get the best experience.

Why Eiffel Tower night tour is the better than the day tour

You’ll experience the breathtaking sunset view: In case you visit the tower when the sun is just setting down, you’ll get the most spectacular sight from the top of the tower. However, need to wait for the sun to set to get the best view of the city of Paris.

Visits Paris

The city of Paris has an awesome look at night when you’re at the top of the Eiffel tower. You will observe each building being lit until the whole city has a beautiful view. The streetlights add to the beauty of the city in the way they’re lined up in the street. Also, the vehicle's headlights in a moving pattern is an amazing sight for someone at the top of the tower.

Get more from Eiffel tower night visit

Apart from the beautiful views from Paris city at night, there are other activities to enrich your Eiffel tower visit experience.

Walk on a High See-through Floor

Walking on the High see-through floor during the Eiffel Tower night tour can be scary. Some people can, however, walk on this floor for an adrenaline experience. This may not be an ideal activity if you fear heights.

Dine and Wine at the Tower

Grab a bite and sip some wine as you enjoy the memorable nightlife at the Eiffel Tower. The second floor has a superb joint with sumptuous meals and great drinks. Here you will get to enjoy delightful cuisines as you build up lifelong memories.

Amazing Guides

You will learn a lot from the knowledgeable tour guides who will enrich your tour to the Eiffel Tower.