A Paris tour for some of the best sightseeing opportunities

On a Paris tour for the best sightseeing opportunities, take in some of the most prominent sights in the city during a day or maybe a half-day.

The Paris Opera House - An architectural delight

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The Opera House is one of Paris' most decorative buildings. Built in the late 19th-century, this building is the most prominent ballet and opera house in the capital. Inside, you'll see the beautiful mirrors, chandeliers, and mosaics as well as the impressive sweeping Grand Staircase. The sheer luxury and grand scale of this cultural landmark will sweep you off your feet!

The Champs Elysées for a spot of shopping

Stop off on the Champs Elysées for a spot of shopping. This 1.8-mile long street is probably the most famous shopping area in Paris, rivaling Regent Street in London or Fifth Avenue in New York. Even if you're not buying anything, it's an real experience wandering along this Paris promenade as part of your Paris tour (https://www.pariscityvision.com/en/paris/city-tour). You can window shop and maybe browse the French properties in the windows of some of the most expensive estate agents in the world.

An exhibition at the Grand Palais

The Paris Grand Palais was built to celebrate art in Paris. It was inspired by the Beaux Arts movement and is an architectural wonder with stone facades, pillars and domed glass roof. On the banks on the Seine, this place is both awesome and majestic and hosts many prolific exhibitions for tourists to enjoy. Don't miss this during your Paris tours.

The magnificent Trocadéro

The Trocadéro is a graden area and site of the Palais de Chaillot, covering some 94,000m². This wonderful outdoor space has fountains, statues and wide paths where you can admire the Eiffel Tower to the north of the Seine. Its gardens also host an aquarium, museums and the National Theatre.